CH OBX Strike 'Em Out TKN, CGCA  "Jimmy"

BISS GCHB OBX Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay "Baylee"

CH OBX Last But Not Least  "Fin"

OBX Reel Em' In CD, TKN, CGC  "Fisher"

​OBX'S Practically Perfect Poppins CD, BN, CGC, UKCD  "Poppy" CHIC#162362

CH Starwood's Willow By The Sea ROM, CD, RA, CGC   "Willow"

CH Starwood's Rebelation Man CD. RE, NA, CGC   "Johnny"

CH Starwood's Twist & Shout RN, CGC   "Oliver"

AKC GCH IntCH Starwood's This Little Light Of Mine At OBX CGC   "Beacon"

GCH OBX Shootin The Breeze With Starwood CD, RN, CGC     "Breeze"

CH OBX's Thunder Bolt   "Bolt"

IntCH CH Starwood Beach Boogie At OBX   BN, RN, CAA, CGC, TDI   "BB"

OBX A Little Finesse From Starwood CD, BN, CAA, CGC    "Finn"

AKC GCH, IntCH, UKC CH OBX's Whiz Kid BN, RN, CGC, TDI   "Wendell"

CH OBX What You Talkin About   "Willis"


CH OBX N STARWOOD'S Lunar Landing CD, BN   "Neil" 

CH OBX And Siobahn's Not Just INE-Body CGC    "Maya" 

CH OBX Travelin Black Waters   "River"

UKC CH OBX's Slam Dunk  "Jordan"

CH Sgt Peppers Lonely Heart of OBX BN, RATI, RATN  "McCartney"

OBX On Her Own Terms TKN  "Phoebe"